Chess in Story Form

The Chess VIP AI is a Chess Mentor from AI Mentor Agency. This custom GPT connects to a Chess Engine in the background. He is a great Storyteller and he narrates the battle in epic Medieval style. You are the King. Order your men, one at a time. You will hear the enemy King taunt you by giving away his strategies! Even if you don't play chess, you can win by just playing the story.


Image Generator Mentor AI

When you use image generation AI you keep refining the result until you get something you like. But what if you know what you? You need a Mentor to get the perfect prompt. This Mentor AI asks you questions that he has perfected to build your prompt! You keep it. You reuse it. You own it!


Hello world!

Java has it's own VIP AI Mentor! AI Mentor Agency is proud to release our latest VIP (Virtual Important Person) Java Mentor VIP AI. Programming without a copilot is so 2023. For those of you who want to debug, and not just the code, this is the guy who knows everything, or can find out browsing the internet with Bing. You can use your Google COLAB account and Google Docs, right inside this Mentor VIP, custom GPT, from AI Mentor Agency.